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2018 Anniversary Meeting Attendee List
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Attendee List


    Steve Schonholtz 
    Don  Westby 
    Linda Westby 
    Lisa Westby 
    Matthew Westby 
    Pamela Westby 
 Advance Components President Gary Cravens
 Advance Components   Kendall  Cravens 
 Advance Components   Mallory Cravens 
 Advance Components   Nathan Cravens
 Advance Components CEO/Owner Suzy Cravens 
 Aero-Space Computer Supplies Sales Tom Olmscheid
 AIS VP National Sales  Bob Luzum 
 AIS   Sara Luzum 
 AIS Regional Sales Manager  Brent  Nelson 
 AIS Director of Marketing  Jennifer  Ruetz 
 AIS CEO  Jim  Ruetz 
 AIS   Karen  Ruetz 
 AIS   Erin  Ulezelski 
 AIS Regional Sales Manager Nick Ulezelski
 AIS   Sarah  Updike 
 AIS Sr. VP Sales & Marketing Carlton  Wininger 
 AIS   Leslie Wininger
 All American Systems   Debbie  Urhausen 
 All American Systems President  Steve  Urhausen 
 All-Pro Fasteners Director of Marketing and Sales Todd Grzych 
 All-Pro Fasteners Manager Brian Shelton 
 All-Pro Fasteners   Cindy  Shelton 
 All-Pro Fasteners  President Tom Shelton 
 AMPG   Pam  Carroll 
 AMPG Director Pat  Carroll 
 Assembled Products   Zach  Geary 
 Assembled Products   Casey  McIlhon 
 Assembled Products   Ed  McIlhon 
 Assembled Products   Joey  McIlhon 
 Assembled Products   Stacie  McIlhon 
 Assembled Products   Megan  Geary 
 AZ Lifting Hardware President  Chuck  Smith 
 Bamal Fastener President Kevin  Miller 
 Bamal Fastener   Mallory  Miller 
 Beacon Fasteners & Components National Sales Manager Kameron Dorsey 
 Beacon Fasteners & Components   Stephanie Dorsey 
 Beacon Fasteners & Components CFO Dave  Remus 
 Beacon Fasteners & Components   Rosemarie  Remus 
 Beacon Fasteners & Components President Bob  Wegner 
 Beacon Fasteners & Components   Michelle  Wegner 
 Beveridge Business Systems Speaker Dirk Beveridge
 Brighton-Best International VP Sales Steve  Andrasik 
 Brighton-Best International COO Peggy Hsieh 
 Brighton-Best International President Jun Xu 
 Carson's Nut-Bolt & Tool   John Carson III 
 Carson's Nut-Bolt & Tool   Kimberly Sherman 
 Carver Consulting   Carmen  Vertullo 
 Carver Consulting   Lois  Vertullo 
 Circle Bolt & Nut Co President & CEO Jim Castellino 
 Circle Bolt & Nut Co   Lisa  Castellino 
 Computer Insights   Deb  Cowhey 
 Computer Insights   Denny  Cowhey 
 ContMid Group CEO  Phil  Johnson 
 Copper State Bolt & Nut   Gigi  Linsalata 
 Copper State Bolt & Nut   Mark  Linsalata 
 Copper State Bolt & Nut   John  Shannon 
 Copper State Bolt & Nut   Sarah  Shannon 
 Cordova Bolt   Mark  Cordova 
 Cosgrove Partners Founder Steve  Cosgrove 
 Duncan Bolt Vice-President Andy Cohn 
 Duncan Bolt President Virginia Cohn 
 Duncan Bolt   Anne Sullivan 
 Eurolink Fastener Supply Service President & CEO Craig  Penland 
 Eurolink Fastener Supply Service   Kim  Penland 
 Falcon Fastening Solutions   Carrie Cespedes 
 Falcon Fastening Solutions   Giovanni Cespedes 
 FCH Sourcing Network   Brian Musker
 FCH Sourcing Network   Lynn Dempsey
 Field Fastener Sales Director Adam  Derry 
 Field Fastener Chairman  Bill  Derry 
 Field Fastener President Jim  Derry 
 Field Fastener   Liza  Derry 
 Field Fastener   Sara Derry 
 Field Fastener   Susie  Derry 
 Fullco Industries CEO  Tom  Fuller 
 Fuller Metric Parts Managing Director Hans Fuller
 Fuller Metric Parts Purchasing Manager Karin Fuller 
 G.L. Huyett   Carol O'Keeffe 
 G.L. Huyett   Timothy  O'Keeffe 
 Global Fastener News   John  Wolz 
 Hayes Bolt General Manager  Michael  Cole 
 Infasco VP Sales & Marketing Richard  Samuel 
 Infasco   Danielle Savard 
 International Fastener Expo Business Development Manager Morgan  Wilson 
 Lord & Sons   Dave  Newcomb 
 Martin Fastening Solutions CEO  Douglas  Ruggles 
 Martin Fastening Solutions   Lisa  Ruggles 
 Mid-States Bolt & Screw Vice President Marc  Somers 
 Mid-States Bolt & Screw   Teresa Somers 
 Midwest Structural Products   Jack  Rubush 
 Midwest Structural Products   Susan  Rubush 
 Nefco   Deborah  Maxfield 
 Nefco Executive VP  Skip Maxfield 
 Next Level Partners VP Business Development  Skip Gallo 
 Reilly Sales Training Speaker Paul Reilly
 Sems and Specials President Bruce Hayes
 Sems and Specials   Vicki Loomis
 Sherex Fastening Solutions President Adam  Pratt 
 Signature Engineered Solutions President Reno  Fricano 
 Spaenaur Strategic Content Director John Sweeny 
 Specialty Bolt & Screw   Barbara Queenin 
 Specialty Bolt & Screw   Janine Queenin 
 Specialty Bolt & Screw President  Jay  Queenin 
 Specialty Bolt & Screw CEO Kevin  Queenin 
 Spencer Products   Katie Gilmore 
 Spencer Products Branch Manager Michael Gilmore 
 SPIROL International Sales Manager Michael  Lentini 
 Star Stainless Screw   Emily  Findling 
 Star Stainless Screw   Adam  Fritsch 
 Star Stainless Screw   Lindsay  Kupsco 
 Star Stainless Screw   Brianna  Roberto 
 Star Stainless Screw   Lily  Roberto 
 Star Stainless Screw   Timothy  Roberto 
 Star Stainless Screw Chairman Bruce  Wheeler 
 Star Stainless Screw National Sales Manager  Bryan  Wheeler 
 Star Stainless Screw   Melanie  Wheeler Fritsch
 Star Stainless Screw   Kevin  Wheeler 
 Star Stainless Screw   Robin  Wheeler 
 Stelfast President-Commercial Div. Don  Haggerty 
 Stelfast   Karen  Haggerty 
 Stelfast VP Sales  Todd  McRoberts 
 Stelfast   Doug  Weiland 
 Tower Fasteners   Debbie Montreuil
 Tower Fasteners Vice President Mark  Shannon 
 Trinity Logistics   Cindie Zehnder 
 Trinity Logistics CEO Dan Zehnder 
 Vertex Distribution   Jennifer Megliola
 Vertex Distribution President Rich Megliola 
 Wink Fasteners President Janet  Winkelman 
 Wrought Washer National Sales Manager  Kent Carter 
 Wurth Adams   Lynda  Alexander 
 Wurth Adams   Mark  Alexander 
 Wurth Industry North America VP Supply Chain  Heather Stewart 
 Wurth Industry North America EVP, Wurth Group  Marc  Strandquist 
 Wurth Industry North America   Vonda Strandquist 
 Wurth Industry North America   Christopher Warden 
 Wurth Revcar Fasteners   Cindy  Revercomb 
 Wurth Revcar Fasteners CEO  Randy  Revercomb 
 Wurth Timberline Fasteners   Linda  Doran 
 Wurth Timberline Fasteners President Russ  Doran 
 AZ Lifting Hardware Chuck Smith 
 Cordova Bolt Mark  Cordova 
 Fuller Metric Parts Hans Fuller 
 Fuller Metric Parts Karin Fuller 
 Mid-States Bolt & Screw Marc  Somers 
 Mid-States Bolt & Screw Teresa Somers 
 Nefco Deborah Maxfield 
 Sherex Fastening Solutions Adam  Pratt 
 Specialty Bolt Connor  Queenin 
 Specialty Bolt Janine  Queenin 
 Specialty Bolt Jay  Queenin 
 Specialty Bolt Taryn  Queenin 
 Spencer Products Katie Gilmore 
 Spencer Products Michael Gilmore
 Star Stainless Screw Emily  Findling 
 Star Stainless Screw Adam  Fritsch 
 Star Stainless Screw Connor Fritsch 
 Star Stainless Screw Lindsay Kupsco 
 Star Stainless Screw Bruce  Wheeler 
 Star Stainless Screw Bryan  Wheeler 
 Star Stainless Screw Kevin Wheeler
 Star Stainless Screw Melanie Wheeler Fritsch
 Star Stainless Screw Robin  Wheeler 
 Wink Fasteners Janet  Winkelman 
 AIS Carlton Wininger 
 All American Systems Steve  Urhausen 
 Assembled Products Ed McIlhon 
 Assembled Products Zach  Geary 
 Bamal Fastener Kevin  Miller 
 Computer Insights Denny Cowhey
 Copper State Bolt & Nut Mark  Linsalata 
 Copper State Bolt & Nut John  Shannon 
 International Fastener Expo Morgan Wilson 
 Nefco Skip  Maxfield 
 Stelfast Todd McRoberts 
 Wurth Timberline Fasteners Russ  Doran 


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Seal Beach CA 90740
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